2016 Ford Focus Technology

Technology On The 2016 Ford Focus: 
Almost As Advanced As The Flux Capacitor

These days, a large part of automotive ingenuity goes into researching and developing alternative forms of propulsion. You see compressed natural gas vehicles, electric vehicles and some automakers even experimenting with hydrogen fuel cells.

Yet no automaker has ever come even close to brilliance that is the Flux Capacitor. The brainchild of character Doc Brown, this was the technology that propelled the modified DeLorean into the future in the film franchise Back To The Future.

Many of you may not know that the Flux Capacitor actually made it to market recently. As a way to celebrate these wonderful films, Ford offered the Flux Capacitor as an option on the 2016 Ford Focus. It was available only from October 21st through October 26th, the window of time that Marty and Doc travelled to the future in the films.

Though you can no longer get the Flux--it was a joke anyways--the technology on the 2016 Ford Focus is still pretty advanced. The new Focus features the Sync 3 infotainment operating system as well as Active Park Assist.


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