Ford Explorer vs. Jeep Grand Cherokee

The year has started out with impressive SUV vehicles. Ford and Ram both released new versions of their most popular SUV models: the 2018 Ford Explorer and 2018 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Both vehicles have key features, style, and specifications that make each one unique. Let's break down what these differences are and by the end, if you are in search of a new SUV, hopefully you will have the answers to pick the vehicle that's right for you.

Engine and Performance

When it comes to the engine, both the Explorer and Grand Cherokee have regular unleaded V6 engines and can get 4000 RPM. For horsepower, the Explorer can get 6500 RPM with the Grand Cherokee following close behind with 6400 RPM. In comparison, these two models are pretty much similar. The main difference is that the Explorer is a front-wheel drive, good for fuel economy and delivers better traction, while the Grand Cherokee is a rear-wheel drive, giving better initial acceleration and improves overall balance and handling.


Looking at gas mileage, the Explorer gets a combined 20 MPG (city + hwy) and the Grand Cherokee gets a combined 21 MPG. If you are wanting a vehicle that can get more miles per gallon, the best option would be the Ford Escape that gets a combined 29 MPG or looking at Ford's hybrid inventory.


The interior of a vehicle can be a very important deciding factor in whether it is the right one for you. Looking at the Grand Cherokee first, the car has a passenger capacity of 5, optional navigation and onboard-free communications system, user-friendly infotainment system, and a handsome, comfortable cabin. In comparison, the Explorer has a 7-passenger capacity, large cargo volume, standard onboard hands-free communication system and wireless cell phone hookup, and additional rear seats. Overall, the Grand Cherokee has a one-up on the Explorer in the technology area, but the Explorer wins in terms of interior volume and capacity.


Finally, looking at the most important factor of pricing, the Explorer wins in this category with a starting price of $35,015. The starting price for a Jeep Grand Cherokee looks to be around $37,785. This is a great price for a vehicle that got a 9.2/10 safety rating in comparison to the Grand Cherokee with an 8.4/10.

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