Hypermiling in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

There's driving and then there's hypermiling. Driving means that you trust the EPA-estimated fuel economy you signed up for when you bought the vehicle and hope for the best. Hypermiling is all about putting the EPA to shame. 

Wayne Gerdes, who from all accounts was just a really frugal guy, coined the term and he defines it as simply striving to exceed your vehicle's EPA-estimated fuel economy numbers.

Of course, it's not just about beating those numbers. It's about really beating those numbers! Not sure how to do it? Here's a short guide to hypermiling:

Go slow(er)

Apparently, the EPA drives like your grandmother, that is, between 48 mph and 60 mph even when the speed limit is higher. You should do the same!

Easy Does It

You can save a lot of fuel just by watching how you accelerate and how you brake. Brake earlier or simply take your foot off of the accelerator. The more you slow down, the more fuel you have to use to speed up. Also, when you take off from a stop sign or a red light, pretend it's a race and you want to lose. Look at me! 0 to 60 in thirty seconds!


You should be sweating when you hypermile, and not just from focus. Avoid using the air conditioning as it runs on a belt and consumes fuel.


If you want to hypermile, you have to have a well-oiled machine. Take good care of your vehicle, do regular maintenance inspections and fix anything that needs fixing.

The bottomline is that hypermiling, as long as you give yourself the time, is a game you can't lose!


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