2018 Ford Mustang vs. 2018 Chevy Camaro

With 310 horsepower and a redesigned spin on the classic muscle car, the first major makeover of the 2018 Mustang is a brilliant success.

2018 was a great year for pony car lovers. Both Ford and Chevy dropped new versions of the Mustang and Camaro respectively, and deciphering which will work best for you when you're cruising down Oklahoma roads calls for an in depth analysis of the two sportscars' best features.

Test drive a 2018 Ford Mustang in Oklahoma City at Metro Ford of OKC to see superior performance first hand.

Price and Economy

 Ford Mustang Chevy Camaro
 MSRP $35,095 $37,995
 Combined MPG 18 - 25 19 - 25
 Engine 5.0L V8 6.2L V8
 Zero to 60 4 seconds 3.89 seconds
Features and Reviews 

Ford MustangChevy Camaro
Professional Review 
For 2018, Ford gives this generation of Mustang a significant refresh. Some changes should help address prior complaints we had about the car (a retuned suspension plus newly available adaptive suspension dampers for a claimed improvement in ride quality), while others are proverbial icing on the cake (more power for the Mustang's 5.0-liter V8). The Mustang's new automatic transmission has an eyebrow-raising 10 speeds. It might seem like overkill, but we've found this transmission in other vehicles to be quick-shifting and very smooth. - Edmunds 

 The Camaro has a compromised trunk and minimal interior storage, and that limits its desirability as a daily driver. The Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger are much easier to live with and use by comparison. Also, the rear view is poor, but that's actually typical and rectified by blind-spot monitoring and the rearview camera. It's the view forward and to the side that's the problem. It's very hard to place the Camaro on tight roads (watch that rock wall!) or in tight spots (watch that shopping cart!). - Edmunds
 Available Features
  • Fold Flat Rear Seats
  • Bluetooth 
  • Tire Pressure Warning 
  • Audio and cruise controls on steering wheel 
  • Power Driver Seat 
  • Keyless Entry/Start 
  • Post-collision safety system Alarm 
  • Parking sensors 
  • Aux Audio Inputs 
  • Stability Control USB Inputs 
  • Upgraded Headlights 
  • Back-up camera

  • Tire Pressure Warning 
  • Multi-Zone Climate Control 
  • Post-collision safety system 
  • Stability Control 
  • Leather Seats 
  • Bluetooth Alarm 
  • Heated seats 
  • USB Inputs 
  • Rear Bench Seats 
  • Cooled Seats 
  • Trip Computer Auto 
  • Climate Control 
  • Aux Audio Inputs 

Pros & Cons
2018 Ford Mustang 
  • Strong power from both the four-cylinder and V8 engines
  • Civilized ride quality and low noise levels
  • Cabin blends modern convenience with retro style

  • Small back seat 
  • Long, heavy doors and mediocre cabin access 
  • Performance package ride quality can be bouncy

2018 Chevy Camaro
  • Sharp and nimble handling around turns 
  • Potent acceleration from V6 and V8 engines 
  • Relatively smooth ride, with the adaptive suspension 

  • World War II-era bunkers were easier to see out of 
  • Tiny backseat is essentially useless 
  • Limited trunk space with small opening 
  • Some controls are awkward to use

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The first place you check out when looking at one of these stellar cars is under the hood. The Camaro has a 6.2 L V8 Engine, while the Ford Mustang has a 5.0L V8. These engines are comparable: while the Camaro has the size advantage, the Mustang is made to get 7,000 RPM while the bigger of the two only gets 6,000. Brass tax: The Camaro has the low-end torque, but the Mustang will catch up when the Camaro runs out of steam.

Looking at gas mileage when comparing these performance vehicles? The mustang gets a combined 19 MPG combined (city + highway) and the Camaro gets a combined 20 MPG. If you're counting on many miles per gallon, you will be better off searching Ford's Hybrid inventory.

Now for the final and most economical factor to weigh in on, price. The Mustang has the Camaro beat in this category with a price tag of just $35,095. The Chevy's suggested retail is $37,995. Overall, it's a dead heat until you come to check out… Then the original shines.

To see the best selection of Ford Mustang inventory right here in Oklahoma City, follow this link.