Six Test Drive Tips From Metro Ford of OKC

First impressions. We all know they matter. But how do you make sure you get an accurate first impression of the car you're taking for a spin? Be prepared, of course!

1. Make sure you've done your research 
Before you test drive, snoop around! See what is out there and know what you want to get for your budget. 

2. Bring a pal
Buying a car doesn't have to be a solo venture. As a matter of fact, it shouldn't be. Bringing a friend improves the quality of your day and alleviates pressure form the experience. You'll be able to focus on the car while your friend conducts small talk with the sales person. 

3. Make the car your own (kind of)
When beginning the test drive, take your time. Get in, look around, adjust the mirrors and your seat. Make yourself feel comfortable so you can give the car a decent chance. Also, test out the radio, navigation system and all of the other interior bells and whistles before you hit the road. And don't forget to buckle up!

4. Listen as the car talks
Always have the radio off while test driving the vehicle. This is especially important when test driving used vehicles. You want to be able to hear if the car is too loud, if it makes weird noises, etc. It is just another way to make sure the vehicle is what you expect it to be. 

5. Check those tires
Be sure to inspect the vehicle's tires. Nothing, and I am speaking from personal experience, is worse than buying a car and having a flat the next day. Negotiate a new set if you find they are balding or seem under-inflated. 

6. Choose the right dealership
Always make sure you are going to a dealership that will put as much preparation into your test drive as you have. At Metro Ford of OKC, we will have the car of your choosing gasses up, cleaned up and ready to roll. 

Take these tips into your next car buying adventure, and we bet you'll find your perfect car.