Tire Pressure: Why It's Important

Tires. They are literally what keeps you grounded when you're driving your car, truck, SUV or hybrid around town. So why is it that we like to forget about them until they bother us by being flat? Tires and tire pressure is an important part of keeping your vehicle performing like a new car, and also in keeping you and your family safe. Here are some of the ways tire pressure can affect your vehicle.

1. Gas Mileage
Having your tires properly inflated saves you money at the gas pump. Though the issue may seem insignificant, the numbers prove otherwise. Keeping your tires at at least 80 percent of the recommended PSI improves your gas mileage by about 5 percent. That's a percentage that will add up over a year. 

2. Control
A vehicle with under or over inflated tires becomes harder to control, especially in inclement conditions. Over-inflated tires will make your car over-react and your ride will be bumpy. Under-inflated tires become significantly more difficult to stop. It will take you longer to stop, especially on wet ground, and you're more likely to skid. That is bad news for the upcoming winter months in Oklahoma. 

3. Tread
Bad tire pressure can reduce the life of your tires by up to 25 percent. When you drive on low tires, the tread wears more than on regularly inflated tires. Also, the tread on overly inflated tires will wear more in the middle, stressing only one part of the tire. To save money, check your PSI regularly.

4. A Full-Blown Blow-out. 
There may be nothing more dangerous than a bad tire. Having under-inflated tires or damaged tires on a vehicle potentially takes the road out from under a driver. A blow-out can lead to a major wreck, and that should be reason enough to make sure your tires are in proper condition. 

Oklahoma divers face city streets, country roads and roads that are made on the fly. Make sure your tires are up for the challenge be checking your tire pressure regularly. For new tires, come see our service center. With our vehcile maintenance skills, we can help get your vehicle's tires in perfect condition so you can safely tackle the roads ahead.