Top Oklahoma Hiking Spots

With the weather starting to clear up and temperatures rising, it's about time to start planning your annual trips to the wilderness with your new car. Here are five great hiking spots that Oklahoma has to offer. 

Rough Canyon Trail - Robber's Cave - Robber's Cave is one of the most popular outdoor hot spots in Oklahoma, and it has many different trails and sights to offer. Located in Wilburton, Oklahoma, The Rough Canyon Trail is an Oklahoma hiker favorite. This 3-mile loop starts about 100 feet from the cave area itself, this rocky trail provides a moderate challenge but the beautiful scenery makes it well worth it. 

Narrows Trail - Wichita Mountains - This trail is a little more challenging than the Rough Canyon Trail and may require a little more athleticism on the part of the hiker. But if you put in effort and work your way to the trail's peak, you're rewarded with a view of the Wichita Mountain's that just can't be beat. 

Rough Horsetail Nature Trail - Red Rock Canyon State Park - This half mile trail is a little easier than the previous two and is suitable for the whole family to come out and have a great evening outdoors. Receiving its name from the Horsetail plants that surround the area, this trail's path is mostly dirt and easy to follow without getting lost. 

Black Mesa Summit Trail - Black Mesa State Park - This trail is one of my personal favorites, but can also be a bit of a challenge. The highest point of the trail will take you to, well, the highest point in Oklahoma. This 8.4-mile round-trip trail walks you through some beautiful scenery and takes you to the peak of the Black Mesa, an elevation of 4,973 feet. This trail certainly earns the term "Ford tough." 

Roman Nose Trail - Roman Nose State Park - If you're looking for a little more solitude in the wilderness, the lightly traveled Roman Nose Trail may be perfect for you. This 2.9-mile, moderately difficult trail provides both trails for biking and mountain biking, as well as an opportunity to see the trail's famous "Inspiration Point" for your self. 

Ford has always encouraged being active and embracing great outdoors, instilling those values and qualities in its vehicles. If you love being active and adventurous and just need the car to compliment your work ethic, please give us a call at Metro Ford of OKC.